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Book Your Grinch Visit Here!

Each $20 appointment includes:

  • A short visit from the Grinch
  • Photo ops / digital access to photos
  • Grinch dust!

The Grinch will visit during the hour you select, and spaces are very limited. Book early to make sure you get your visit! One family/household per visit, please.

All proceeds will benefit the Williamsburg Settlement Swim Team.

To sign up, please click here and chose your time on the sign up form. You will need to follow a payment link order to complete your reservation.

For questions, please contact info@wsstdolphins.com

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2020 SWIM SEASON UPDATE (May 15, 2020)

Hello Dolphin Families,

Let's swim!

The WSST Board and coaches met Thursday night and voted to have a Swim Season, practice-style!

We have reviewed the safety requirements given to us by WHALE (see below) and we have a plan to follow these guidelines and safely have a season. 

1. The season will begin Monday, June 1 and end June 30. 

2. We have made the difficult decision to NOT have a 6 and under age group. The reasoning for this is to limit physical contact with coaches in the water, as well as anticipating that our little swimmers may have some trouble following "social distancing" rules. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our littlest Dolphins and cannot wait to see them all next season!

3. Season pricing has been adjusted to reflect the new season dates. Fees will be reduced to $75, and remain $60 for swimmers ages 15 and up. Discounts for additional swimmers will still be applied, but the Williamsburg Settlement HOA still requires the non-resident fee. We WILL have t-shirts but the other fund raising items on the site will be refunded for this season. There will not be a picture day this year.  

PLEASE NOTE: We are working on processing applicable refunds. This is a situation we've never encountered before, and the refund process has become a bit more complicated. Thank you for your patience!

4. There will be an online parent meeting on Sunday, May 31. We will update all registered swimmers as soon as the dates are final.

5. We have limited the amount of swimmers that can register for each age group, to ensure we can safely space our swimmers and adhere to social distancing guidelines. If your family was waiting to see what happens before registering, register now! If you've previously registered and have decided not to swim this year, please contact the email below. 

QUESTIONS? Please email info@wsstdolphins.com

The following are the guidelines issued by WHALE:


  • 1.The WHALe Rep will be responsible for communicating all WHALe requirements to the team board.
  • 2.WHALe will attempt to incorporate federal and state requirements. Teams will be responsible for ensuring compliance with HOA, and Harris or Fort Bend County requirements, as applicable.
  • 3.Each team will designate one Team Board member to be responsible for ensuring that all WHALe, HOA, facility, and government requirements are being met.
  • 4.These guidelines are subject to change based on new requirements issued by federal or state authorities or evolving best practices. Teams will be responsible for adjusting to accommodate those changes.


  • 1.Each team will maintain adequate stock of cleaning and sanitizing products.
  • 2.Each team will assure that the facility, including accessible restrooms are cleaned and sanitized before and after practices.
  • 3.Each team will assure that the facility entrance and high-touch surfaces are cleaned and sanitized before and after practices and between sessions.
  • 4.Each team will assure that any team equipment will be sanitized after each use.
  • 5.Each person entering and exiting the facility will wash their hands or use hand sanitizer in accordance with recommended guidelines.
  • 6.Coaches and other team members wash their hands or use sanitizer between practice sessions.
  • 7.No more than one parent/guardian will be permitted on deck per family during a practice session.Parents/guardians who must care for others during the practice, including the swimmer’s siblings, will be required to wait outside of pool fencing or in their vehicles.
  • 8.Those waiting on deck must maintain 6 feet of separation.
  • 9.Teams will prohibit the use of pool owned furniture. Parent/Guardians must bring their own chairs if they wish to sit down.
  • 10.Parent/Guardians waiting on deck must remain in designated waiting areas.
  • 11.Teams with facilities with more than one door will request that the HOA/pool management company facilitate the designation of specific entrance and exit doors.


  • 1.A Team Board member or Coach will ask each swimmer attending practice if they have experienced COVID related symptoms within the last 2 weeks before they enter the facility. Participants who answer affirmatively will not be permitted to practice.
  • 2.If a swimmer or Coach begins to sneeze or cough for any reason (including allergies or water irritation), they must move away from others until the sneezing/coughing subsides. Such swimmer or Coach must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer in accordance with recommended guidelines before returning to the practice.
  • 3.Teams will schedule a 5-minute break between practice sessions to allow finishing swimmers to exit the facility before the next group arrives. Teams must extend this break if 5 minutes proves to be insufficient.
  • 4.Teams will request that arriving swimmers wait in a separate area until the deck has been cleared from the previous practice.Teams will separate the entering and exiting groups according to proper distancing rules.
  • 5.Teams will maintain an action plan and equipment to allow coaches to provide safe medical assistance in an emergency (such as gloves, masks)
  • 6.Team members who have been diagnosed with COVID will not be permitted to attend practice for 14 days following the diagnosis or onset of symptoms and 3 days after symptoms subside.
  • 7.Teams will not permit repeated safety violations. A swimmer or Parent/Guardian will be allowed one warning for violating COVID guidelines, after which the swimmer will be removed from practice for the day and asked to leave the pool. Swimmers with three removals will not be permitted to swim for the remainder of the season. Teams can choose to decide if this removal from the team will have an impact on registration for next season.


  • 1.Teams will post signage indicating entry and exit rules, distancing requirements, and advising of the potential for exposure.
  • 2.Teams will complete daily attendance records and maintain the records.
  • 3.Teams will prepare a plan to notify Parent/Guardians and coaches if a team member (Coach, swimmer, or Parent/Guardian) reports diagnosis or exposure to the novel coronavirus. Teams must not disclose any identifying information about the reporter.


  • 1.Swimmers will maintain six feet of separation while on deck.
  • 2.The deck will be marked with tape to indicate where swimmers should stand while preparing to enter the pool.
  • 3.No more than 2 swimmers per lane will be permitted for swimmers in the 6&U and 7-8 groups.
  • 4.No more than 3 swimmers per lane will be permitted for swimmers in older practice groups.
  • 5.Swimmers will not be permitted to join practice groups outside of their scheduled age group.
  • 6.Teams with sufficient deck space may consider conducting dryland practice to facilitate practice for more than the number of swimmers in the water.
  • 7.Dryland practice will maintain the same six feet of separation. Spaces should be marked on concrete; best effort should be utilized on grass.


  • 1.Swimmers should not attend practice if they or someone in their home is sick.
  • 2.Swimmers should wash their hands immediately prior to coming to the pool.
  • 3.Swimmers should bring water bottles that are clearly marked.
  • 4.Swimmers should arrive as close to practice start times as possible.


  • 1.Swimmers should maintain six feet of separation from others.
  • 2.Swimmers should avoid touching their faces.
  • 3.Swimmers should not share food, drinks, or towels.
  • 4.Swimmers will not touch others, their effects, or their equipment.


  • 1.Swimmers should leave the pool as soon as practice is over.
  • 2.Swimmers should wash their hands immediately after leaving pool area.
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Congratulations to our swimmers who made it to ALL STARS 

Drew Anderson                Blake Duty
Jacqueline Dunlap           Michael Potthoff
Avery Hall                        Tanner Griffin
Anna Ng                          Thaddeus Bowen
Gregory Santos               Zane Tolleson 
Jake Skelton                    Philip Woods
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2019 Division 5 MOC Results

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2019 WSST Dolphins

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Check out our Team Store. 


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